Professional Dive Training

The SSI professional divers program is broken down into 5 components. This means you can use the knowledge you have gained at each step to gain work experience and enhance your skills while you develop your career in the marine dive industry.

SSI dive professional Programs

1. SSI Dive Guide (DG)
2. SSI Divemaster (DM)
3. Dive Control Specialist (DCS)
4. Training Specialist (TS)
5. Open Water Instructor (OWI)


Taking a dive course? See Medical requirements

Before taking part in any dive course with a practical component, you must have completed a medical check. (Dive medicals are valid for 12 months.)

In the Hobart area, the following doctors perform Recreational Dive Medicals:

Medical Centre Address Phone
Cascade Medical 30 Cascade Rd South Hobart 62235533
City Dr 188 Collins St Hobart 62313003
Rosny Medical 7 Ross Av Rosny 62441058
Sandy Bay Medical 57 King St Sandy Bay 62100500
Uni Doctors Union Building Churchill Av 62262102
Stoke St Medical Stoke St Newtown 62287841
Eastern Shore Medical 31 Lincoln St Lindisfarne 62438788R
Royal Hobart Hospital Dr David Smart 62228193
Sandy Bay Travel Clinic Gregory St Sandy Bay 62246717

You will need to complete a form before taking the medical.(Download the form required – AS4005-1)

1. SSI dive guide (DM)

This program is an introduction into the world of Dive Professionals.

As a Dive Guide you will be qualified to lead certified divers on a variety of scuba diving adventures. Dive Guides are required to work through an active SSI Dive Center and, when necessary, with an active SSI Instructor.

As a certified SSI Dive Guide (DG) you can:

  • Give underwater tours to certified scuba divers
  • Teach Snorkel Diving after passing the Snorkel Instructor Module
  • Issue Snorkel Diver certifications

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2. SSI dive master (DM)

Divemasters can also lead and guide certified divers, as well as assist with both classroom and pool under direct supervision of an SSI Instructor.

As a certified SSI Divemaster (DM) you can:

  • Do all Dive Guide activities
  • Assist active SSI Instructors in academics, pool and open water training under direct supervision.

Candidates will be taking a unique program that has stood the test of time. The unique benefits of SSI Training is the flexibility and integrated business methodology.

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3. SSI dive control specialist (DCS)

Dive Master + Dive Control Specialist = Assistant Instructor

As a DCS you can teach lecture and pool classes with indirect supervision. By assisting an active SSI Instructor with open water training the DCS can collect valuable training experience which is the best possible preparation for an Instructor Training Course (ITC).

As a certified SSI Dive Control Specialist (DCS) you can:

  • Lead and guide certified divers
  • Assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water.
  • Teach skills in the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor (except emergency skills).
  • Teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update, Snorkelling and Try Scuba (pool only) programs.

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Certified and active Dive Control Specialists (DCSs) can upgrade to:

4. SSI training specialist (TS) (DCS)

This rating allows them to conduct limited Specialty Course training for the following programs and issue certification independently:

  • Boat diving
  • Equipment technicaues
  • Digital Underwater Photography / Underwater Videography.
  • Shark Diver / Fish ID
  • CPR / First Aid
  • O2 Provider / Advanced O2
  • AED

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SSI open water instructor

This program will teach you how to develop confident and comfortable divers who will commit to the sport.

Your training includes learning:

  • How various industry stakeholders interact – manufacturers, media, agencies, retail, and travel
  • How successful dive retailers and resorts operate
  • The SSI Education System and Education Philosophy
  • Techniques for teaching home study academics, pool and open water
  • The legal aspects of teaching
  • The basics of educational selling using SSI’s Customer Loyalty Cycle

As an Open Water Instructor (OWI) you can teach and issue certifications for

  • Indoor Diver
  • Scuba Diver
  • Junior Open Water Diver
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Adventure
  • Scuba Skills Update
  • Try Scuba
  • Try Scuba Diving
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • Nitrox

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