Commercial Diving Services

Southern Tasmanian Divers provides a range of commercial diving services. As a leading commercial dive company in Tasmania with over 100 years of in-house experience we have solutions to most underwater tasks. Our teams have extensive experience in underwater construction, vessel repairs and maintenance,  aquaculture infrastructure maintenance and commercial/scientific surveys and inspections.

We are diving contractors with professional diving services available in the following areas:

  • Underwater inspection, construction and maintenance
  • Bridge, wharf and jetty maintenance or repairs
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Scientific/ environmental survey diving
  • Vessel inspection and maintenance
  • Potable water cleaning
  • Marine salvage services
  • Aquaculture

Our experience conducting, managing and participating in diving operations throughout Australia, Antarctica and South East Asia means we provide specialised personnel, expertise and resources in order to assist our clients with their underwater assets needs.

Southern Tasmanian Divers can undertake full management of projects, construction and design of underwater projects from start to completion.

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